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Why our Advertisers love Tidbits:

• Because Tidbits entertains people and the best time to reach a prospective customer with your ad is while they are relaxed and having a good time.
• Because Tidbits actually has readers! What a concept!!! More people read ALL of Tidbits than ALL of any other paper!
• Contrast that to newspapers. The Wall Street Journal recently reported: “The newspaper industry, already suffering from circulation problems, could be looking at its worst numbers in more than a decade…Long stuck in a slow decline, U.S. newspapers face the prospect of an accelerated drop in circulation.” (May 2, 2008)
• Because our rates are low and our readership is increasing; newspaper readership drops and their ad rates go up! Why pay more when you can get more for less?
• Because Tidbits targets customers close to your business!
• Because Tidbits reaches people who are out in the marketplace with time on their hands and money in their pockets.
• Because Tidbits targets its distribution to businesses that consumers frequent most. You'll find Tidbits in places where people wait: restaurants, coffee shops, doctor's offices, hospitals, car repair centers, doctors offices, beauty salons, service centers, delis and places where folks sit around and have a cup of coffee. We do not cast a wide net, instead, we specifically deliver Tidbits to locations with known high foot traffic areas.
• Contrast this to coupon mailers that are costly to buy in to and then must bring a potential customer from his couch or her kitchen to your business, and to get them to move you have to offer up most of your profit. Does that make sense?
• Because we are willing to design your ad BEFORE we ask you to commit to anything. We’re so confident that our professional graphic artists can come up with a great marketing idea to help you promote your business that we are willing to design you a couple of sample ads before you buy anything…then you can DECIDE FOR YOURSELF!

Why readers love Tidbits: And they do!!

• They love the interesting trivia; it keeps them coming back week after week for another dose of fun.
• They love the humor; it lightens their day and puts smiles on their faces.
• They love the word games and puzzles because it gives them something relaxing to do during their coffee time or lunch break.
• They love the interesting and informative columns that inspire them to live better lives.
• They love the fun-to-read advertisements that tell them about the fine businesses seeking to meet their every-day needs and desires with exciting products and services.
• They love Tidbits because it is FUN and IT IS NOT filled with the depressing news of the day.
• This unique editorial blend is what hooks our readers and keeps them coming back week after week for more.
• Our readers love Tidbits so much they take them home or back to their office and share the fun with others. Studies have shown that each Tidbits papers has over three readers!

Our unique editorial blend is what hooks our readers and keeps them coming back for more. They will seek out each week’s new issue and take copies home or to the office to share with family and friends.

Tidbits is a weekly publication. Tidbits has the week's funniest and most unusual news stories, jokes, trivia, amazing facts, and more.

Everything in Tidbits is fun and entertaining - no bad news here. It is a big breath of fresh air to our readers who are tired of hearing only bad news. Tidbits is positive. It provides the "Food for thought", - something that makes people SMILE!

Advertisers reap benefits unseen from other newspaper advertising, from our unique publication to our monthly contest, which is very popular among the thousands of people that read Tidbits each week.

By advertising in Tidbits, your ad will be in the company of other like minded businesses that appreciate and know the value of sponsoring a paper that is family friendly, clean and non-offending, and non-stressful.


The Tidbits of Southern Maryland paper staff strive to reflect the pride our residents have for our community. We are extremely proud of the positive comments our readers make daily regarding Tidbits of Southern Maryland newspaper which enable them to stay in touch with the great buying and selling opportunities throughout the Southern Maryland area.

Not only is the editorial content of Tidbits unique, but the format is is a welcome change for Southern Maryland. Tidbits is printed on 20 lb. High-white 11" x 17" paper with Full Color Digital Printers, so that we can offer full process color ads that will really look great with the photographs in excellent register and true presentation of actual color.

We carry digital cameras and will be happy to make a photograph on your premises to use in your can see the photo before the Tidbits staff person leaves, and we can take additional photographs until it is just right.

Our advertisers successfully deliver their sales messages to one of the most diverse demographic areas in the Southern Maryland region. Our Tidbits readers vary in interests and backgrounds - homemakers, farmers, business owners, managers, professionals, etc. Tidbits of Southern Maryland also appeals to elementary school-age children, parents, grandparents and teachers. Our corporate sponsors and advertisers reach a targeted consumer segment.

It is our goal to serve your needs promptly and professionally. We can help you tap into this rich resource of retail buying power with our dedication to service, and commitment to excellence.

Tidbits is unquestionably the most popular local publication in the Southern Maryland area. The reason? Our interesting, humorous, and entertaining content provides an enjoyable break from the hectic pace of our lives. Ask anyone who has read Tidbits consistently and they'll gladly talk of their devotion to our publication. The loyalty of our readers is the primary reason advertising with Tidbits is so effective.

Tidbits is one of the most affordable venues for advertising in the Southern Maryland area while giving you ample space for promotions, specials, or to simply get your product or service in front of customers. Join the many satisfied Tidbits advertisers who get more than just cost-effective advertising- THEY GET RESULTS!


Thank you for taking the time to review our site, now armed with all this information you are now confidant and ready to market your business and are ready to place your ad. How can you do this...? Well, there are several ways that you can do this. You can E-Mail us your Name, Business Name, and Phone Number, (on our Contact Us page), and we will call you. Or you can call us, (410-610-4287),  for more information and to place your ad, or...You can corner The Tidbits Guy during his routes. We recommend one of the first two.
You are now on your way and have taken the best steps to get your business noticed if you are advertising with Tidbits and Mnemonic Marketing & Publishing Group.

Advertising space is limited and goes quickly
so reserve yours today!
Call 410-610-4287 or email

Visit our Advertiser Testimonial page for glowing praise about Tidbits of Southern Maryland.





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